We can’t stay away from an orphan children problem. What do that children meet in the future than they will be in adult world without any assistance of families? Unfortunately, not all of them will find their new families.

But we must care about orphan children who desperately need our help! So staff working in Wyse Games’ office in Ukraine, joined with colleagues from Crytek and went to an orphanage in Nevezhin city. It is located in 3 hours away from Kiev. Besides sweets, toys and clothes for children volunteers brought them very important and useful gift – new computers. So children will have opportunity to study using modern technology, because all we know how difficult to find a good job without a computer knowledge.

During the conversation children willingly shared this volunteers their plans and dreams for the future. And now we can say that with new computers and new friends their dreams are getting closer to reality!

We invite you to join us in our desire to help children! Let’s help children together! Waiting for your suggestions and questions:

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