Wyse Games

Wyse Games - is an international company, specializes on development, localization, adaptation and publishing of social and mobile applications.

Our company specialists have a great experience in game development. We provide our employees with the opportunity of training and forming their individual way in development of mobile and social apps. Our company is multinational, as our main offices are situated in three different countries: Russia, Latvia and Ukraine. It allows us to cover all possible jurisdiction of European, Asian, North and South American countries.

Wyse Games – primarily is a successful developer of highly qualified social and mobile products of different genres, which are launched on international markets. We already have more than ten interesting and potentially successful project in our portfolio, and we're planning to launch 6 more project till the end of the year.


Wyse Games is not only a developer, but a successful publisher on mobile and social markets. We promote social and mobile projects using our own quality traffic channels and resources.